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Photo editing is a sophisticated art. Everyone needs the right photos to meet their needs. So, the issue of photo editing is becoming a prominent one. The demands of the business are on the rise too. It appears that photo editing has become one of the most impressive arenas for business people. Without the right photos, this is not possible. Hence, you need to select a photo editing service provider who will render the best service.

What is Photo Editing Price List?

Before you move to place the orders to your desired agency, you need to check the photo editing price list. Usually, the price list contains photo editing rates. You can get the necessary Photo Editing Pricing form the list. It helps the clients to know about the rates and prices for photo editing. At times, the clients are a bit confused about the pricing issues. They cannot determine how they will pay or what amount they are to pay.

The photo editing price list is able to remove the darkness. The cloud of mystery lifts when you check the photo editing rates. According to the Photo Editing Pricing, you can place the orders and make a great deal with the service provider.

Why is photo editing rates necessary?

This is not wise to place an order without knowing the photo editing pricing. It may create future troubles. Besides, if you do not set any price with the service provider, you may also not get better service. When the service provider is not happy with the price, they will never render the best possible photo edit. As a result, you will be the loser at the end of the day.

Besides, when you know the photo editing rates, you can set a budget too. The budget is able to reduce your untoward expenses. Setting up a budget is ready to help you establish a proper strategy. When you are fixing a budget for photo editing, you know exactly how much you need to invest there. Sometimes, the clients are in deep trouble with budgeting issues. They cannot control their entire expenses. It happens as they do not have any fixed budget. But if they know about the photo editing pricing, efficiently they can manage the whole issues.

How is the photo editing price list set?

Of course, setting up the photo editing rates is a bit hard. Most of the times, the service providers select the Photo editing pricing based on the editing complexities. When the photo is simple to edit, usually the rate is lower. But if the picture is a bit complex to modify, they charge a bit more.

Besides, there are some other contemporary issues also dominate in the photo editing price list. The geographical location is an important issue. When you get the service from the western countries, generally the rates would be higher. But if you get a similar service from the Eastern regions, you will find the photo editing pricing comfortable.

What do we do?

At Background Removal Services, we have a wide option for the clients. Photo editing price list is a bit reasonable here. We have set the photo editing rates considering the photo editing complexities. When the photos are simple and take less time to edit, the rate is lower. On the contrary, if the images are complex and take more time to edit, the charges are higher naturally.

Before fixing the photo editing price list, we have considered a number of issues. We pondered the capacity of our experts. At the same time, we have focused on the deals with the clients as well. With the combination of all the issues, We set the photo editing pricing.

At the same time, we have a flat 10 percent discount for bulk orders. When any of our clients place any bulk orders, they are eligible to avail the discount. Besides, the payment option is also flexible for clients. They can pay us using different payment modes and at different suitable times in a month.

Other options

Even more, we have some other options as well while setting up the photo editing rates. When you are a client and want to customize your orders, you are always welcome. We have several other options as well.

You can pay us using the number of photos you want to edit. When you the numbers are more or cross at least 100 images, you will get a flat discount. But if the numbers are below the mark of 100, you need to pay the regular price.

Besides, we also take charges based on hourly prices. When you ask us for meeting your emergencies, you need to pay is hourly. The price is 125 USD per hour. The price may appear higher, but when you compare the photo edits, you can differentiate that the rate is lower.

On the other part, we are also able to edit photos by day. The approach is similar to hourly editing. The photo editing rates for a day is the subject of mutual negotiation.

Add the Photo Editing Pricing Tables Here.


  • Simple Path $0.50
  • Compound Path $1.00
  • Medium Path $2.00
  • Complex Path $3.00
  • Super Complex Path $5.00
  • 10% Discounts On Bulk Orders


  • Layer Masking $1.50
  • Hair Masking $2.00
  • Channel Masking $3.00
  • Transparent Masking $4.00
  • Complex Masking $5.00
  • 10% Discounts On Bulk Orders


  • Simple Retouching $1.00
  • Medium Retouching $2.00
  • Complex Retouching $5.00
  • Super Complex Retouching $10.00
  • High End Retouching $10.00
  • 10% Discounts On Bulk Orders


  • Simple Background Removal $0.50
  • Compound Background Removal $1.00
  • Medium Background Removal $2.00
  • Complex Background Removal $3.00
  • Super Complex Background Removal $5.00
  • 10% Discounts On Bulk Orders


  • Simple Color Correction $0.50
  • Medium Color Correction $1.00
  • Complex Color Correction $3.00
  • Super Complex $5.00
  • 10% Discounts On Bulk Orders


  • Neck Joint $1.00
  • Photo Manipulation $5.00
  • Complex Manipulation $25
  • Effects/Objects Adding $50.00
  • 10% Discounts On Bulk Orders


  • Simple Mirror Effect $1.00
  • Medium Mirror Effect $2.00
  • Complex Mirror Effect $5.00
  • Super Complex Effect $10.00
  • 10% Discounts On Bulk Orders


  • Simple Shadow $0.50
  • Drop Shadow $ 1.00
  • Product Shadow $ 1.50
  • Natural Shadow $ 2.50
  • 10% Discounts On Bulk Orders


  • Color Restoration $2.50
  • Photo Damaged Restoration $20.00
  • Black & White Restoration $20.00
  • Complex Old Photo $50.00
  • 10% Discounts On Bulk Orders


  • Raster to Vector $5.00
  • Product To Vector $10.00
  • Vector Line Drawing $4.00
  • Photo Vector Service $5.00
  • 10% Discounts On Bulk Orders


  • Simple Editing $5.00
  • Medium Editing $8.00
  • Complex Editing $10.00
  • Super Complex $20.00
  • 10% Discounts On Bulk Orders


  • Catalog & Brochure $100
  • Stationery Design $150
  • Flyers / Print Ads / Magazine $200
  • Logo Design $300
  • 10% Discounts On Bulk Orders

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