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Background Removal Services – Start $0.50

The company photo editing service provides, . It also has the provision for all kinds of photo editing services too. Considering the photo editing and clipping path industry trends, We’re providing the best possible services. Our clients get the best reasonable prices for the service. We also ensure the top quality of the edited photos. In fact, Background Removal Services is a single shade accommodating all the photo editing needs.

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Any Kinds Of Photo Editing Services

SAMPLE WORKS – Background Removal Services

Browsing our gallery, you can check the sample works of background removal services. Since after the inauguration, we have completed over four million photos (400,000,0) +. All the clients are happy with the services. For our future clients, we have made a collection of pictures and samples. You can explore the gallery at any time from anywhere.

This gallery and samples will help you to know about the performance of background removal services. The photos will also ensure how expert we are. Besides, the gallery visitors will have a concrete idea about our skills and expertise. In a word, the potential clients will get a positive impression about us.

Photo Background Removal
background removal service
Clipping Path Service
background removal service
Hair Masking Service
background removal service
Wedding Photo Editing
background removal service
Skin Retouching Service
background removal service
Product Retouching Service
background removal service
Neck Joint Service
background removal service
Jewelry Retouching Service
background removal service
Color Change Service
background removal service
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Sincerity, skills, and commitment to meet the deadlines – are our fundamental skills. We practice them at every moment when we are at work. In fact, the path to be a leading photo editing company in the industry was not smooth. We had to overcome a vast number of issues. We endured lots of stresses. Meeting deadlines was not always happy as it is today. But with the passage of time, we grew stronger. We are now able to deal with a massive number of photos (5000+ per day). At the same time, we do not compromise with quality. Besides, we have a large establishment to deal with an increased number of photos. We’ve highly skilled graphic designer. Some of them are the industry-best ones too. Everything we have is able to meet your growing needs of photo editing and clipping path.

Background Removal Services is highly skilled and experienced in variety of ways of photo editing. We have more or less 12 years of experience in this field. The artists working here are very much skilled and professional and they worked for different agencies for both national and international arena. We worked as freelancer before launching background removal services. Ans so, we have the required experience to ensure the best services for you as per your requirements. Clipping path has the potential to increase any kind of photo editing solution and thus we are making ourselves more efficient day by day.


Dealing with background removal services will provide some exciting benefits to our clients. First of all, we love to serve our clients professionally. We also take little pride in the best services we have. Besides, the clients will also have some other benefits.

They are as followed:

Our clients get a 10 percent discount if they place large orders. The discount is applicable to for orders crossing over at least 100 copies of photos. In that case, our client is to pay 10 percent less than the actual amount.

Besides, our clients are able to pay monthly basis too. We will make contact with them in this regard. They will pay us at the end of every month. Meanwhile, we will keep delivering the images. However, the clients need to ensure that they will pay on a specific date.

Even more, we can provide the VAT ID too. We are professionally dealing with the business. So, we do not want any legal disturbances. Therefore, if you need a VAT ID or Invoice, we are ready to deliver that.

Our photo editors are highly expert in the photo editing. They also know the value of time. So, our clients get a quick delivery of their orders. Besides, our supervisors are always alert. They take the right care of everything. Due to their strict monitoring and efforts of the editors, we deliver in proper time.

Besides, the photo editing rate is lower too. We charge a minimum based on the photo complexity. The price begins at $0.50. So, this is genuinely a cheaper rate in the industry. No other service provider will allow the users to pay this low.

Currently, in our production unit, we have a notable number of photo editors. All of them are highly skilled. So, they can edit a large number of photos every day. At present, we can edit over 5000 + images in a single day. This is indeed a success for us.

Many of the photo editing service providers do not have this policy. We have a promise to return the money if the service is not up to the mark. But before the refunding, we try best to revise the editing for unlimited times. But, if the client is still not satisfied, we will return the money under certain conditions.

Why Background Removal Services

Well, you can find a full number of background removal and clipping path platforms in the industry. They will provide you with the numbers of services. Of course, those are standard. But we have some difference. We are unique in several cases. Few reasons are here that will explain our specialties.

We care

First of all, we care for our clients. Most of the background removal or clipping path services provider do not want to bother for the clients. They serve for the sake of service. But we’re not like them. We care for the happiness of our clients. The most important thing is that we love to make them smile. The other providers are only the service provider. But we turn their partner of happiness. When we see our clients smiling, we feel a sense of pride inside. Through our dedicated service, we do our best. The outcome is highly inspiring for us. Therefore, we are special than others.

Instant customer support

The other ordinary photo editing service providers are not active us. We have skilled customer service executives. They are always ready to be with you at any time of the day or year. Thus, we can address the problems of our clients.

Accordingly, we revise our strategies. If there is any tweaking need arrives, we solve them. A thorough discussion with the clients helps to know about the issues. After the discussion, we instruct our photo editors to make the changes. As a result, the clients get the deliverable at the right time. But the scenario is not the same as the other agencies. They make dillydallies. Time runs out. The client is in trouble.

Devotion to work

Undoubtedly, all the employees of Background Removal Services are highly devoted. They are well trained. So, they know about their duties and responsibilities. Executing the functions does not become a problem at all. As a result, the outcomes are up to the mark.

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  • 100% Quality Assured

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Right Price & Best Quality

  • Quick Turnaround Time

  • Volume Discount Up to 10%

  • One Stop Service for Retailers

  • Instant Price Calculation / Quote

  • Weekly Payment Plan

  • Variety of Payment Methods

  • Money back Guarantee

  • 365 Days Operation Enabled

  • One Pager Order Form

  • Pre-defined Pricing Model

  • No Waiting for Quotation

  • You Define Image Complexity

  • You Don’t Need an FTP Account

  • (BRS) SSL Secured

  • Easy Ordering System

  • BRS Always Using Pen Tool

  • 100% Manual Clipping Path

  • And many more…


Price is one of the most critical issues in photo editing or clipping path. A graphic designer learns the photo editing investing his time, efforts and bucks. When he becomes a professional, he intends to earn and have a decent living. This is the underlying theme. And everyone practices this too in their life. But there are some photo editing platforms available who do not follow the basics. They want to make money shortly.

So, what they do is to increase the pricing. Even for a simple clipping path, they charge an unreasonable amount. Besides, they do not have the bargaining options too let alone the discounts. This is a dangerous practice indeed. The people in need are unable to the clipping path services.

What do we do?

Considering all the matters, Background Removal Services have innovative approaches. First of all, we do not overcharge our clients. In fact, we want them to be happy. Our motto is to serve them- not asking them to break banks. The authority of this particular photo editing company is reasonable in this case. They have set a flexible rule for the clients.

Convenient charges

We charge $0.50 for simple clipping path. However, the rate may vary considering the complexity of the editing process. If the photo is simple, we never charge than the mentioned amount. But if there are any such issues, we discuss with the clients and set the charge. A mutual negotiation helps to fix the problems.

Thereby, our clients don’t feel any pressure. Besides, flexible payment plans also remove their worries. They can pay us on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. We also have different payment modes too. Our clients can pay us through direct bank transfer, PayPal, or western union. Recently, for the convenience of our valuable clients, we have introduced payment through debit and credit cards. So, this is a convenient mode for them to pay for us.

Who needs the service?

Of course, you can have our service. But to get the service, you need to be in a particular category. As a matter of fact, people who are in photography will need our assistance. You can also be one of them if you are-

When you are an online entrepreneur, you will need photo editing. Lots of images will require your attention because they will convey the message. So, if you want the message to be clear to your audience, you need some bright and attractive photos.

Being a professional photographer, you also will be in need of the services from BRS. At times, you need to change the background matching with the photo tone. Only BRS is able to add the distinctive flavor.

Besides, amateur photographers are not exceptions. They also need to edit their photos for different reasons. But this is not possible for them alone to do that. So, they require professional support. We provide that assistance to the amateur photo shooters.

Fashion house owners need to advertise their products and accessories. Following different photo editing techniques, we make the images adorable. We change the color tone, adjust the brightness, and remove the edges and more. So, they also need our photo editing service.

When you are modeling photographer, this is not possible to shoot in different locations. But if you edit the photos, they will have wider acceptability. So, you are also in need of photo editing from BRS. And we are there for you.

Trying to sell your property? Advertise with the edited photos from BRS. Your property will get a rush of visitors. Actually, the expert photo editors can change the look instantly. So, your property photos turn appealing to the potential buyers. Finally, you can sell the property at a reasonable price.

At times, the newspapers also need to edit photos. They have some sort restrictions and censorships. So, this is imperative for them to abide by the rules and regulations. Therefore, they need to censor the photos. The BRS is able to do that for them too. Following the instructions, the BRS is able to deal with newspaper photos also.

Photo editing is a must for magazines. The readers love to have some shiny photos with a lively look. Unless the images are striking or exceptional, they lose appeal to readers. So, editing from an expert can change the prospects. The BRS is also able to provide such supports to magazines.

  • An online entrepreneur

  • A professional photographer

  • An amateur photographer

  • Own a fashion house

  • A modeling photographer

  • A real estate businessman/ agency

  • Work with newspapers

  • Work for magazines


Dealing with Background Removal Services is not a big deal. Instead, the process is more straightforward than other service providers. Go through the texts below and get the right idea. Place your orders quickly and receive them within the budgeted time-frame. You need to follow easy steps









background removal service

Upload via WeTransfer

Send Image Via WeTransfer

background removal service

Upload via Dropbox

Send Image Via Dropbox

background removal services

We’re Completed for 4 Million + Satisfied Photo Editing.

Background Removal Services is a photo editing company has been operating since 2016 under the directive of a photo editing expert. The company provides all types of photo editing service. It also has the provision for all kinds of Photoshop services too. Considering the photo editing industry trends, we are providing the best possible services. Our clients get the best reasonable prices for the service. We also ensure the top quality of the edited photos. In fact, “Background Removal Services” is a single shade accommodating all the photo editing needs.

LWe offer you the best price with the highest service satisfaction in the industry. We have the best and flexible ordering system. We have weekly, monthly and even some more exciting payment plans for you. We deliver the orders on time. Moreover, Background Removal Services apply the latest technologies to make your dreams real! Images have turned into an essential piece of the present computerized world. We find a vast number of images pictures around us. They serve diverse needs and purpose.

A picture gets the best look with sound editing. The foundation of the image is the most critical part to improve the overall look of the image. When you need to make your question looks alluring, you additionally must be watchful about the foundation. A shoddy looking foundation can destroy the entire image.  A photographer or an organization may confront issues with that foundation. Adopting Background Removal Services, you can get rid of them.

Quality comes first. We are committed to excellence. We never compromise on quality issues. We also uphold our commitment to our clients. We are ready to even sacrifice the most important thing for maintaining the commitment. But we want you to smile!

We’re guarantee your 100% satisfaction by providing the photo editing service you dream for. Our clipping path experts are determined to ensure your comfort with their expert deliveries. You will have a fantastic experience with us!

Several clipping paths services are available in the industry. But why us? We are the best in price. You will be in a hurry to be with us whenever you see our price prices! We focus on our success; price is a less important matter to us. Doubtlessly, we are the best!

We belong individual FTP accounts for our valuable clients to enjoy faster and hassle-free service. Sharing their files become easy either in case of download or upload with us. Again, We have dedicated server of our own to provide speedy service securing the quality of the given project from our clients. You also can send us your order and take feedback using Dropbox, Google Drive, We Transfer or FTP Accounts. All These are for serving our clients and that’s why we are unique!

You are the highest priority for us. We don’t want to waste your valuable time and for that, we have a 24/7 Live Support. Our expert and dynamic customer care team are waiting to solve your problem and to pick you all time with the highest dedication!

Background Removal Services – The Company Brief

Background Removal Services also are known as Background Removal Services is one of the leading clipping path service providers in the industry. The services we provide are special. Moreover, we maintain the quality as well. In brief, we offer you the top best photo editing service. The services from Background Removal Services are able to meet all you’re the business needs.

Answer: Being a leading photo editing service provider in the industry, we have a wide number of services. Everyone around is the best, but we are unique. We have in-depth knowledge of photo editing. We also apply the latest technologies to make photos as the best. So, surely we can claim the highest position for us. So far, we have edited over one million images from different clients. We try to be professionals.

Thus, we follow certain aspects to maintain quality. At the same time, we also love to serve clients with a smiling face. In return, we want them to smile back to us. Accordingly, we have some provisions for them. Currently, we provide a 10% flat discount on bulk orders.

Professional team

The team of professionals here never compromises in quality. The quick turnaround time of the orders is also our adorable feature. The clients are always happy with our flexible ordering system. Further, we are still there to hear our clients. Our 24/7 live customer support ensures effective communication between the clients and us.

Photo Editing tools

Further, we apply the latest photo editing technologies. Most of the tools are paid and belong to the newest technology. We want our clients to get the very special services from us. Therefore, we try to be professional with them. We have all types of photo editing solutions. And most importantly, we never refuse our clients. If a client asks us to edit a single photo, we smilingly do that for him. But this is not practiced in other agencies.

On time delivery

Moreover, we deliver on due time. We run our business on our clients. So, we know without our clients, we are nothing. Thus, we prioritize our client above everything.

Answer: Clipping Path is a popular term in photo editing. This is the way to remove or to vanish the background. This is a dedicated way to clear the environment. It can also help to get a pretty look of the photos. The most impressive feature of this service is that it takes less time to perform. Besides, you can apply the function to all types of images.

The Purposes

The sole purpose of the clipping path service is to bring the focus on the subject. There might be several objects together. So, it might be tough for the viewers to focus on the right purpose. When there are several objects on a photo, naturally the viewers lose directions. They cannot decide what to see. But when you apply the clipping path, you isolate the subject. It helps to get the attention of the targeted audience.


There are several types of clipping path services available. According to the category, the service is separated into simple clipping path, multiple clipping paths, medium clipping path or complex clipping path. All the services have the same goal. They want to distinguish a selected part of a photo. Consequently, the end-level users are able to hold the attention of the audiences. At the same time, you can also get some other benefits too.

Strategic approach

When applying a clipping path, a photo editor makes a strategy. By following the approach, the photo editor starts the task. The clipping path process is not a lengthy one. You can get the service within 10 minutes or less. As the clipping path is able to attract the attention of the audiences, the demands of the service are climbing gradually.

Answer: Photo retouching is the way to make the photos look appealing. When you are retouching a picture, it points out that you will remove the flaws. A photographer may not be able to click the perfect shot. The situations and environments may not allow getting the master shot. But you can change that using the photo retouching service. The service is able to change the entire photo look. If you want to make the worst photo to look the best, you have to apply this service.


Photo retouching is a fundamental way to change photo conditions. A photo might be dark. The lighting condition may not be okay all the time. When you are applying the retouch, you can remove the darkness. This is a simple process. Besides, if you need to adjust the brightness of the photo, you can also do that within a few mouse clicks. Changing the background is not a big deal too. The photo retouch helps to remove the background and add a piece of fresh wallpaper there.

Positive changes

If you need to bring some positive changes in your photos, Photo Retouching is a must. It helps to remove the untoward objects from the images. Moreover, if you need to adjust the color tone or remove some edges, Photo Retouching service easily does that. This is not a big deal. With time, Photo Retouching service gains momentum. At BRS, we are able to do all types of photo retouching. And the service is applicable to anyone and anywhere.

Answer: Photoshop is the latest software to edit photos. Without direct support from Photoshop, this is not possible to edit photos. This is very special software and available across the world. The applications of the software are numerous. Adobe Photoshop is one of the most impressive tools that can make the impossible to possible. The range of activities using Photoshop is wide.

What does it do?

The software is able to crop photos, joins them, and changes the color tone, balance the edge, clone parts and many more. All the photo editing activities rely on this particular software. Of course, we can have many other photo editing software. But none of them are as good as Photoshop is. This is an exceptional tool that can change the entire photo look. Besides, the easy availability of the software has made it more attractive.

With the Photoshop service, the photo editors make the necessary changes. Considering the directive of the clients, they make decisions. But the implementation process relies on Photoshop. The photo editors may take support from additional other software. But Photoshop plays a critical job.

Photo Changes

With the Photoshop service, a photo editor can do a large number of things. For instance, if you ask to change the photo color, you can have it. Besides, if you ask for altering the background, you will get it. Need to change the complexion of your face? No worries! Photoshop is there. You can do whatever you want. Photoshop is able to bring the necessary changes. You cannot ignore the importance of Photoshop Service.

As a result, this has become one of the most prominent photo editing supporting tools. Even more, the photo editors cannot do a day without its direct support.

Answer: Background removal is one of the critical propositions of Background Removal Services. In short, background removal refers to remove the background or something. In photo editing, the meaning is also similar. It points to remove the background of any photo. This is one of the most straightforward tasks. The photo editors remove the background considering the directives of the clients. Besides, there are many other benefits of the service. Some of them are explained here.

How it works

Firstly, you will get an enhanced look of the photos. After the background removal, the picture looks changed. They get a professional look. Besides, this is impossible all the time to have some of the best backgrounds. A photographer is unable to ensure the background always. While taking a photograph, a photographer needs to consider a vast number of things. So, it becomes tough to focus on the background alone. Thus, they cannot get the best backgrounds. The photo editors remove the backdrop and make the photos look nice.

Easy to promote

On the other part, the background removal also plays a role to make the photos more attractive. Most of the photographs aim to promote any product or service. So, when you are clicking the images, they need to be the best. But a photo without edit cannot be the best. It needs edits. Besides, the looks should be prominent as well. By removing the background, the photo editors help to make them presentable. If you have an in-depth look at the photos with the service, you can find something extraordinary among them. The entire look of the picture gets an alteration.

People Love It

So, many of the people are in love with this service. The background removal has established itself as a prominent one among the other photo editing services. Besides, this is a quick and easy service to receive. The cost of the service is also moderate. Many of the service providers also provide a discount on some bulk orders.

Answer: In this modern world, the expansion of e-commerce is adorable. Now people need not visit the shops physically. They can have the best shopping experiences sitting at home. The shops are a few clicks away from them. So, they do not need to waste times visiting the shops. But to reach that level, the e-commerce needs image optimization.

Brings a good-look

As the clients will rely on your product by watching the photos, you need to have the best ones. Without the best pictures, you cannot hold the attention. This is natural the people will care for the best looking things. This is not an exception for the images too. The sole purpose of using pictures in e-commerce is doing business. But, if the photos are not right, you cannot expect to have a food return on investment. When you open an online store, you need to display your products.

The Process

Following the part of your digital exhibition, you need to display the photos. Since the users are unable to check the products manually, you cannot expect positive feedback from them. But if the photos can represent the real scenario, you can get the desired return. Here lies the importance of e-commerce image optimization. A beautiful photo is able to keep the focus of the clients. So, the people with e-commerce not use the photo editing service. They have realized the benefits of image optimization. Accordingly, they are utilizing it for their betterment. Background Removal Services is able to optimize the photos considering the needs.

This photo editing industry has landed in its fourth year after inception. In this period, it has provided around two million Image satisfactory services.

We love our clients and are fully dedicated to keeping their trust by offering amazing service and outstanding in the support!

It was a little bit confused to start my photo editing with this company, but as they are offering 2/3 image free of cost as a trial I took the chance! The service was outstanding. There was no problem with the editing of my trial photos and then I’m with them with my bulk order. It is one of the best clipping path service providers I have seen ever. Love them too much!

Chantell Cotty, Founder

Wow! The customer care was great. They have proved their speeches. I had some quarry on clipping path service and tried to search out the best solution. Though I wasn’t a client of them, they served me in a way which seems that I was their regular client. They are really professional and made my charm. I will come back with my orders next time!

James Rubiolo, Photographer

I had a bulk order of photo editing and I got 10% discount from them! It helped me to save a good amount of money. I am just amazed to get a highly professional service from All the photo editing was perfectly perfect and made me happy. They are really awesome! I highly recommend them to all!

Susan Malcolm, CEO