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Background Removal Services (BRS) is a photo editing company. The platform is skilled in a wide range of photo editing process. All the employees here are highly skilled and can bring a positive vibe on photos. But before you jump into the jobs with, it is better to know some important issues. We are here to serve our valued clients. And so, we do not want to have any misunderstanding with them. Accordingly, we have set some privacy policy for the clients. Going through the texts below, you will get a complete idea about the privacy policy. So, let’s begin now.

What do we need?

To complete the deal with us (BRS), we may need some personal information of the clients. The information aims to provide a solid service to them or to ask for their opinions for a better service. Besides, we might also use the information for sending promotional materials to our valued clients.

For all the needs, the clients are to fill a digital form and send it back to us. We collect the information during the registration process. No other attempts are made to collect their personal details during the course of communication.

The information that we will collect is as below:

  • Your full name

  • Your user name

  • Your email address

  • Your country

  • Your phone number

  • Your website (if any)

  • Your company names (if applicable)

  • And any other personal information required for the photo editing process.

How we use the information

BRS basically uses the information to improve the services. But there is no leak in the information. All the details shall remain safe and secured. We do not disclose the personal information to any third party or anyone else. At the same time, the clients may change their personal information at any time they want.

However, with time, we may need to change the information or might delete them from our database. And in such cases, we shall make prior contacts to you.

To make a smooth communication with our clients, we use the information. It helps us to remain connected with valued clients. Further, the information also helps us to send the bills to our clients and process the bills too. When you are providing the information to us, it will also help to provide improved customer service. Also, it will help to research the market and get the right ideas.

On the other part, the information we collect is necessary for the betterment of our services. Besides, this is a security measure as well for us. We shall not remain liable for any anti-state activities by our clients.

Auto info collection

However, we will gain some information automatically. They include (but not limited to) your web browser information, websites you visit, the time when you visited out the website, your IP address, the operating system you use to access our website and relevant others.

Photo security

We also would like to ensure our clients that we would not use their photos for any other purposes. But if we need to use your photos for any purposes, we shall seek your permission prior. Other than this, we shall not use your photos and thus it will remain secure.

Data security

On the other part, there are similar approaches will be taken for data. The data we shall collect from the valued clients will remain safe to us. We do not have any intention to use the data for any reasons or shall not pass them to any third party that may cause any damage to them. We plan to use the data to inform our clients about job completion and for sending marketing materials or offers.


Besides, you can also upload a couple of photos to our website. Those photos should be used trials alone. According to our privacy policy, you can upload no more than five copies of photos for a free trial. And we shall not use the photos for any other purposes other than the free trial service. Remember that the photos shall not be displayed on the website. Only the BRS authority can check them for their needs.

Privacy Policy change

Remember that we are here to provide a better and comfortable service to our client globally. To ensure the services, we may need to bring some changes to the privacy policy from time to time. To fit the needs of our growing clientele, we are to make the amendments in regular interval. So, there might be changes in the privacy policy.

Remember that the policy shall contain the explanation of our recently taken measures to ensure a smooth service. We are highly focused on the issue of service quality. Besides, we do not compromise with the privacy issue as we want our clients to get an excellent service from the end. However, if there is any particular change in our privacy policy, we will inform the clients by using our official email service.

Rights of Users

At the same time, the users of the website have some specific rights too. First of all, they can use the website at any time and without any prior permission from anyone. If they are uncomfortable with any of the points mentioned above, they can withdraw their consent. In that case, they would not be eligible to get the photo services from BRS. Of course, as a user, you have the right to know what will be done with your personal details. As it is explained earlier, the BRS will use the information only for professional purposes of photo editing. So, there are no worries at all.

Access to Data

As our valued clients, you will have access to your data stored in our server. You can access them at any time of the day or week. Unless we delete the data, you will have no bar on accessing the server to check your data and other necessary information. Before the deletion, we will inform you.

Remember that we do not keep any record or backup of the data stored on our server. So, you have to keep track of them or take a backup for your benefits.

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