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Best Photo Editing Terms Conditions Globally Customers

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Welcome to our photo editing terms conditions! We are happy to get you here! We have some easy and secure photo editing terms conditions for you. By using our services, you accept these terms and conditions. These will make you more clear about our services. By maintaining all of them, our relationship will be more clear and closer.

We request you to read them carefully for being clear yourself. All of these are made for you, One more thing, keeping in mind of the flexibility and security of our valuable client, we have made all of these photo editing terms conditions. So, let’s start!

About the Edited Picture

Please Note: that the owner of the edited picture is fully you after making the payment. Once you have ordered us and paid for the order and we serve the service, the one and only owner of these images are just you. We don’t keep any copy of them and we do not reserve any right to use them anywhere.

If anyone copies and use them for any purposes after publishing, we are not responsible for this. You can take any action against it as you wish. As we don’t keep any copy of your order once it has completed, you can not ask them for further time to us. We are not responsible if you lost them.

Order and Payment

It is very crucial to note it for you that, we do not take or accept any order from any of social media. We just accept orders from our site, Email: Our client will order and pay only through our website. We have all of the arrangement of order on our site. A detailed and easy price list is here for you to make the order system much easier. Also, wee has some exciting payment method for you on our site.

If anyone or any other organization use our name and offer you for better service and you take them, Background Removal Services (BRS) will not responsible for that. As we cleared it already that, we do not accept any order out of our website you can not blame us if you experience any such issues.

We don’t have any media or third-party order system. We do not allow any media for taking orders from our clients. We take direct orders and we will not pay or give any commission to anyone for getting any order. Please ignore them if anyone introduces them as a media or one of us out of our website.

Moreover, we do not have any partner with our business. We do not have any trams and condition for anyone to be an affiliated person. We are just an individual Clipping Path Service provider.

Payment Conditions

We take our payment only throw our website. We request you to ensure that you are paying us through our website. We don’t allow anyone else to take any payment out of our site and if you pay other ways we are not responsible for that. You can check our Payment System before making a payment.

We have an exciting as well as the easy payment system for you to make your payment more secure. Before making any payment, you can contact us. Our customer care officers are always ready to pick you.

Client Verification

Client verification is also a part of our photo editing terms conditions. We do not accept any clients who have no complete and clear information. Before finalizing the agreement, we must ensure all of the information they provide us.

You can ask it for us too. We have a clear article on our information in “About Us” page. You can have a look. Yet, if you need any further information about us, we are ready to provide.

What we do with your information

We will not publish any of your personal information you provide us. We are always careful on our client’s privacy. You can feel free for providing us your identification, email address or anything else. All of them will be secure and privet.

Final Speech

Hope all of our photo editing terms conditions will help both of use to make a better and clear relationship!

Have a Nice Day
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Photo Editing Terms Conditions | Photo Editor Working Conditions
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