Best Photo Editing Services Terms and Condition Globally Customers

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After all the assessments, we shall now deal about the photo editing terms and conditions. No worries. The process is simple and will not make you afraid to deal with us. We just want to ensure that you read the terms and conditions and agree with our viewpoints. No clause placed here is able to harm you in any means; rather we look forward to improving our services for our local and international clients.

The clauses here will make the entire service process clearer to you as our prospective client. If you agree with them (of course after reading the entire page), hope the relationship between us would grow stronger and warmer.

Please, go through the lines below and get some ideas about our services. As a matter of fact, all the points are made for you.

We also value our clients’ privacy and security. We are flexible. So, please do not get worried. Spend a couple of minutes and

Image Proprietorship

You are the owner of the edited images just after you pay the bill against the service. For your information, neither we do keep any copies nor do we use the images anywhere else. Once you clear the dues, you become the sole owner of the edited images.

Please also be noted that if someone publishes the images or use them for other purposes, we would not be liable for that. You can take any sort of actions against the abusers. Besides, we do not store any backup of your images. Hence, if you lose them after delivery, we shall not also be liable for that.

Order Placement and Payment

Background Removal Service Company does not accept any order other than its own website. We discourage our valuable clients to place the order from social media outlets. You can directly reach us at [email protected] for order and other queries. We suggest our clients to order using our own website.

The order placement method is too easy to understand. A detailed and comprehendible price list is here to know about the price while the payment methods added to the website is adorable too.

If you experience any fraudulent activity like someone uses our name and reputation to get the order, you pay them in advance and do not get the job done; we shall not be liable for that. Earlier, it is told that we accept orders only through our websites. As we do not take orders from other means, the blame should not be on us.

Besides, to make the entire process transparent, we collect orders directly. There are no agencies of third parties available to bring us, clients. There are no percentages distributed for such purposes. So, it would be wise if you simply ignore such messages or appeal. It is unnecessary to entertain such media or third parties for your own safety.

Alongside, we do not have any other partner or affiliated individuals. We simply provide photo editing Service based on demands from our clients.


We accept payment through our website only. We urge you to ensure that you are paying using the modes described on our website. No one else is designated to collect the payment and if you mistakenly pay to someone else claiming to be designated from us, ignore them. And if you make any payment, we shall not be liable for that too. Before making a payment, please check the payment system of our website.

The exciting payment modes will thrill you while you can reach us through our customer care executives before making the payment. The payment mode is easier and secure.

Client Verification

Without verifying our clients, we do not accept any orders and this is a part of our terms and conditions. Every client should have clear and complete information about them. Before making the deal, we expect our client provides all the necessary data and information to make the deal complete and transparent for future record.

If you want to check us, we are there too. Visit the About Us section of the website and you will get all the necessary information you need to know about this company.

Privacy Ensured

We do not use the information provided to us. We respect your privacy. Feel free to send us your identification mark, e-mail address or any other related information. They are secured here.

Expecting a positive response from your end after going through the terms and conditions. None of them are meant to cause any harm to you rather they will increase our bond and help to drive us forward for a long lasting business relationship.


Generally, we do not have a refund policy unless there are any serious issues. We are utmost sincere to our job and dedicated too. But mistakes may happen unintentionally. So, if any of our clients can find any major fault in the photo editing process, we can negotiate the matter mutually. If the negotiation fails, we shall refund. But this is not applicable for all the cases.

Have a good day
BRS Company